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Summit Medical Solutions is a Health, Safety and Medical assistance company specialising in solving your everyday medical and HSE needs. We provide honest, accurate and relevant information enabling you to make the right decisions for your company.

We offer innovative Health, Safety and Medical solutions for equally
innovative businesses and organisations.

Summit Medical Solutions was formed to meet the ever increasing demand for a company capable of supplying anything from medical and paramedical equipment to safety equipment. We offer expertise in both the Health, Safety and Medical environment, and guarantee personalised service. Cost and stock management, and logistical planning are essential aspects of a successful and cost-effective occupational health and safety policy. We can assist you in developing a tailor-made policy unique to your company's needs. We also offer advice about first aid training, employee health and safety including prevention and wellness programs, medical facility audits, medical equipment, safety equipment and every other imaginable aspect of occupational health, safety and wellness.

Summit Medical Solutions offers an integrated service to all individuals and businesses that have a passion for health and safety and who are committed to the wellbeing of all on the job site.

The health and safety motto that drives our business is:
Arrive Alive and Leave Alive

Summit Medical Solutions endeavours to assist businesses in attaining these goals through appropriate employee training using the correct equipment for the appropriate task.

Summit Medical Solutions has vast experience, expertise, insight, quality control experience, and product knowledge to ensure that you have the appropriate equipment for the appropriate task. Why waste resources on unnecessary purchases? Get the job done right, the first time, cost-effectively. We compile, supply and distribute a full range of products to meet all your Health, Safety and Medical needs. We supply locally as well as internationally.

Summit Medical Solutions has the experience to offer health care related solutions appropriate to any environment. Given our broad knowledge and experience base in both local and international healthcare industries, we have the necessary experience and expertise in the occupational health, and the pre~ and in~ hospital environments to ensure cost effective medical and safety programs for your projects. The staff of Summit Medical Solutions also has many years of experience in the oil and gas industry working in remote and high risk areas. We can provide healthcare and safety solutions for any company setting.

Summit Medical Solutions understands the importance of workable solutions and procedures in every environment. We are acutely aware of the importance of costing and risk assessment.

Summit Medical Solutions is able to provide Health, Safety and Medical equipment solutions that cater to a wide range of specialities. Our strong ethical business values and commitment to healthcare and safety allow Summit Medical Solutions to be the best possible Health, Safety and Medical company for your project or organisation.

The core principles that drive our business include:
  • Practical and functional system designs.
  • Training, programs and policies, and equipment appropriate to your needs.
  • Good value, high quality solutions.
  • A strong work ethic whereby we wish to support you in achieving your objectives and ensuring the success of your business.
  • Excellent ongoing support.

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What We Do


Need an audit done on your medical facility? We have the appropriate expertise for the job. Summit Medical Solutions offers professional audits enabling your company to review and improve the design of your health and safety program. Our objective is to enable you to provide high quality health and safety support in a cost-effective manner.


Are your employees equipped to deal with work related emergencies and to operate machinery safely? We are equipped to provide a wide range of first aid and health and safety training.

First Aid Training
Levels 1, 2 and 3 First Aid All training HWSETA accredited and Labour Department accredited.

Health and Safety Training
Basic Health and Safety Courses

Equipment Supply and Management

We supply an extensive range of medical and safety equipment catering for anything from the most basic to the most sophisticated of needs:
  • First Aid Kits for industry, boating, life raft, motor vehicle, home, school, university, recreation, public venue, travel.
  • Disposables equipment such as antiseptics, bandages and dressings, syringes, needles, drip fluids, and oxygen masks.
  • Fixed asset equipment such as vital sign monitors, Automated External Defibrillators (AED's), and furniture for clinics.

We also manage and maintain your equipment. Is your medical, and health and safety equipment safe for use? When last was your company's medical equipment checked? Would your medical facility pass a medical audit right now? If your answer is NO to any of these questions you should contact us immediately! Can you afford a law suit for negligence? Summit Medical Solutions offers maintenance and service programs for all your equipment including arranging and managing equipment rentals.

Emergency Response Plans

Need help designing and implementing an ERP (Emergency Response Plan)? Do you need a MERP (Medical Emergency Response Plan) that works? We can provide you and your company with the assistance you need.

Employee Wellness and Prevention Programs

Do you have a Malaria Prevention Program for your employees? Do you need Malaria Survival Kits or Malaria Curative Kits? We can supply these to you on a regular basis. You can order today! We can aid you in managing every aspect of your malaria program. If you have health care issues, you need look no further!

Do you need assistance in setting up and managing a site-based drug and alcohol program or other employee wellness programs? We have the experience and expertise to make your program work.